14th Congress


Serving his second term, Sen. Bong Revilla proved that his passion in upholding public trust is beyond lip service. Under the 14th congress, the senator authored, co-authored, sponsored and co-sponsored a total of 119 bills which not only focused on improving roads and infrastructures all over the country, but also aid in shaping the lives and future of women, children and workers as Filipinos rightful of protection and a brighter future.


Pag-Ibig Fund Law

This aims to integrate all laws relating to the Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF) to effectively improve the quality of life of Filipino citizens by providing them with sufficient shelter;  provide for an integrated nationwide provident savings system; and to provide housing through mobilization of funds for shelter finance. Read More

Magna Carta of Women

As stipulated in the law, the Magna Carta of Women aims to increase the number of women in third level positions in government to achieve a fifty-fifty (50-50) gender balance within the next five years while the composition of women in all levels of development planning and program implementation will be at least 40 percent; Read More

Anti-Video Voyeurism Act

This law is geared towards the prohibition of taking photo or video coverage of a person or group of persons performing sexual act or any similar activity or to capture an image of the private area of a person/s such as the naked or undergarment clad genitals, public area, buttocks or female breast without the consent of the person/s involved Read More