15th Congress


Continuing his list of accomplishments as one of the country’s most celebrated legislators in the Upper House, Sen. Bong Revilla was fueled to prove that he is worthy of the trust of more than 20 million voters who trusted him in 2010, catapulting him in history as the only official who obtained the highest number of votes in a national election. He has authored 9 laws, and co-authored, sponsored and co-sponsored more than 64 bills that focus on realizing his vision for a better nation.

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Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012

With the proliferation of scams and different forms of fraud, technology has become an instrument for many Filipinos to fall prey to unscrupulous activities. Since the Philippines is relatively new to this form of technology, there were no laws existing to protect citizens from what was dubbed as “cybercrimes.” Read More

Release of Retirement Pay 30 days within 30 days after retirement

Through Republic Act 10154 or an act requiring all concerned government agencies to ensure the early release of the retirement pay, pensions, gratuities and other benefits of retiring government employees, all government agencies are required by law to release the benefits of retiring employees within 80 days from the date of their retirement provided that they have accomplished all necessary documents required for the process of release. Read More

Juvenile Justice Welfare Council

Enjoying the presumption of minority, a child fifteen (15) years of age or under at the time of the commission of the offense shall be exempt from criminal liability. However, the child shall be subjected to an intervention program pursuant to Section 20 of this Act. Read More