13th Congress


The 13th Congress has barely started when the Philippines’ newest Senator, Ramon Bong Revilla Jr. immediately went to work tackling not only the oldest issues of our times but contemporary concerns of the day as well.

Among the bills authored/co-authored/sponsored by the neophyte Senator are: RA9344, the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act, which establishes a comprehensive juvenile welfare system whose goal is ultimately to rehabilitate children at risk and in conflict with the law. RA9347, Rationalizing the NLRC with the objective of making the National Labor Relations Commission more efficient and responsive to age-old problems faced by the working class.

RA9367 Biofuels Act and RA9483 Oil Pollution Compensation Act addresses more modern concerns and underscores the Senator’s crusade for Environmental Awareness. RA9372, the Human Security Act is the Senator’s collaboration with his fellow legislators seeking secure the state and protect the Filipino people from the modern day scourge of terrorism. Many other bills will follow but this much can be said, that Senator Bong Revilla has indeed validated the trust and confidence of the Filipino people who voted him into the Senate.

Biofuel Act of 2006

With the lack of a stable supply of petroleum in the country, there was a need to seek for alternative sources to meet our growing energy demands without compromising environmental resources… Read More

Anti-terrorism Act of 2005

Terrorism is one of the biggest threats against humanity and the welfare of the Filipino people. With acts of violence and terror attacks happening left and right brought out by disagreements amongst communist terrorists and insurgents, our national security is put in jeopardy… Read More