Biofuel Act of 2006

With the lack of a stable supply of petroleum in the country, there was a need to seek for alternative sources to meet our growing energy demands without compromising environmental resources. The search for an alternative energy source prompted Sen. Bong Revilla to propose the Biofuel Act of 2006, which mandates combining coco-biodiesel or coconut methyl ester (CME) with diesel fuel and bioethanol in gasoline being sold across the Philippines. The blend promised enhanced engine performance and cost-efficiency.

Coco-Biodiesel is both safe and environmentally friendly as it does not contain any toxic substances, therefore it does not produce any harmful emissions. After four years of its implementations, petroleum companies in the Philippines have witnessed many benefits of this mandate, not only as a renewable energy alternative, but in an economical scale as well. This resulted to a 40 million liters increase in annual capacity from its origin of 60 million liters in order to service the demands of the market.

PR Team