Retirement Pay

In the Philippines, upon reaching 65, a government employee is required to retire from rendering his or her service. As a form of gratitude for all the years of service dedicated to the country, a retiree is entitled to receive pay, pension, gratuities and other incentives accumulated from her length of service, accomplishments and other indicators mandated by the law. However, due to the structure of bureaucracy, release of pensions and financial benefits has been delayed. A few cases have been recorded wherein the beneficiary is already physically incapable or worst, pass away before his benefits have been released.

As a public servant who has served both in the executive and legislative sectors of the government, Sen. Bong Revilla knows the amount of hardwork, sacrifice and dedication rendered by government employees in performing their duties. Thus, he believes that since these employees have given the best years of their lives in serving the government, it is but just that they receive the benefits due them at an immediate time upon their retirement.

Through Republic Act 10154 or an act requiring all concerned government agencies to ensure the early release of the retirement pay, pensions, gratuities and other benefits of retiring government employees, all government agencies are required by law to release the benefits of retiring employees within 80 days from the date of their retirement provided that they have accomplished all necessary documents required for the process of release. 

Through this law, hundreds of thousands of retirees from any branch of government, including those working for government-owned and controlled corporations, have benefited and enjoyed their retirement pay as they leave public service and return to their private lives.

PR Team