My Vision

Despite the challenges faced by the country, Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. has never lost faith in his hope that one day, the Philippines will rise to fulfill its destiny to become one of the most progressive nations in South East Asia. As a seasoned legislator, he is doing his best to ensure that Filipinos will get there the soonest possible time- one significant law at a time.


For a country with solid faith in the power of education as the key to attaining national progress, the Philippines has any number of academically-excellent but underprivileged youth…

Medical assistance

As an advocate of accessible health programs for the Filipino people. Sen. Bong Revilla made sure that he will be able to reach as many of his kababayans in dire need…


Retirement Pay

In the Philippines, upon reaching 65, a government employee is required to retire from rendering his or her service. As a form of gratitude for all the years of service dedicated to the country…


Disaster Risk reduction

Since the Philippines is located within the Pacific Ring of Fire, more than 20 typhoons hit our country every year.


Cybercrime prevention law

With the proliferation of scams and different forms of fraud, technology has become an instrument for many Filipinos to fall prey to unscrupulous activities.