De Lima delusional, has a bad case of amnesia - Bong Revilla

Comebacking Senator Bong Revilla today slammed Senator Leila De Lima for insisting she fell in a different category from him, and implied he was justly detained for almost five years and she, unjustly serving time in prison.

"It seems she is suffering from dementia and severe amnesia. She has selectively forgotten that it was she who led my persecution, manufactured lies and ignored facts," Bong Revilla said.

"Up to this moment, she also ignores the Sandiganbayan's pronouncement of my innocence and its decision to acquit me," he added.

In the meantime, the veteran lawmaker points out that De Lima is being detained on lawful orders based on positive testimony and evidence of her involvent in illegal drugs. "Kung may pagkakaiba kami, ang korte sabi wala akong kasalanan at dapat palayain; siya, ang korte mismo ang nagsabing dapat siyang ikulong dahil mukhang totoo ang mga bintang sa kanya."

"Kaya hindi siya ang biktima ng kawalan ng hustisya. Matapos niya akong siraan at gibain, eto ang korte na nagsabing wala akong kasalanan at hindi dapat nakulong. Kagagawan niya ang panggigipit sa akin at pagkakakulong ko. Kagagawin din niya ang pagkakakulong niya dahil sa mukhang pagiging drug lord niya," Revilla stressed. "Ngawngaw nang ngawngaw ang mga kritiko ng administrasyon na wala raw nahuhuling big-fish sa droga, pero eto sila pinoprotektahan ang isang big-fish na si De Lima."

Bong Revilla who now places number six on the latest SWS survey also slammed those foreign politicians and organizations calling them hypocrites and meddlers. "Where were they when I was being persecuted? Why did they not raise a howl when I was sent to jail based on trumped up charges and works of fiction authored by De Lima and her cohorts? Where is there condemnation of the injustice did to me when I was finally and expectedly acquitted?", He asked. "They were nowhere. Such hypocrites!"

He said it would do these foreign politicians good to just mind their own business, and at the same time called on the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and other Anti-Narcotics agencies throughout the world to look into the possible ties to Drug syndicates of those politicians and entities who continuously rush to the aid of De Lima.

"It seems she is high up there in the hierarchy. It's time someone looked at the involvement of those coming to her aid. After all, it would just be logical to look into the people associated to suspected Drug kingpins. I'm sure they have investigated everyone who came to the support of Escobar, so should be the case here," he ended.

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