Sen. Bong Revilla supports causes, rights of labor sector

Numerous labor sectors are expected to take to the streets their call to alleviate and uphold their rights and welfare every May 1, in celebration of Labor Day.

This annual protest kicks off with parades and programs where they express their primary concern: A decent salary that will allow them to provide better for their families.

As a staunch supporter of the labor sector, Sen. Bong Revilla joins workers from all walks of life in their primary goal in having a decent salary, once he returns to the senate.

He also said that instead of blaming the labor sector, they must be faced, understood and be provided with a concrete solution to help uplift their lives.

He has also been vocal in his advocacy of filing a bill seeking for an additional salary for teachers, brgy health workers, nurses and teachers even if it is not Labor Day.

Revilla also added that since there are protests among the labor sector, their long-standing problems and aspirations for a better life should be given solution.

Furthermore, he assured the labor sector that in no time, he will realize his legislative agenda once re-elected as senator.

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